Company History

Company History

Our Mission to Serve

Leatherstocking Gas Company's (LGC) mission is to provide local gas to local people. LGC began as a 50/50 partnership between Corning Natural Gas Holding Corporation (CNGHC) and Mirabito Regulated Industries, LLC (MRI) in 2010 in NY and 2011 in PA. Leatherstocking began serving its first customer in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania in 2013. It is the newest public utility in Pennsylvania in over 40 years, with franchise territories in both Pennsylvania and New York state.

On July 1, 2020, CNGHC purchased MRI's 50% of Leatherstocking Gas Company, Pennsylvania and is now the sole owner, while Leatherstocking Gas Company, New York is fully owned by MRI as of January 2021. On July 6th, 2022, LGC's parent, CNGHC--a publicly traded company--was purchased by a private investment firm, Argo Infrastructure Partners, and delisted. The corporate name was changed to Corning Energy Corporation in August of 2022.

LGC's first office was located on Grow Ave in Montrose near Hot Pie's Restaurant. The current office is in the renovated Tannery Place building on Main Street adjacent to JHA's offices. We currently serve under 500 customers.

Leatherstocking gets its natural gas from the Marcellus Shale, supporting local jobs and the local economy while providing an inexpensive, cleaner source of fuel to residents and businesses. We are not an exploration and production company, nor are we a pipeline transmission company. LGC is a local distribution company (LDC) serving gas to end users like you. We bring local gas to local people with a vision to expand to underserved rural communities.