Ground Surface Restoration

If Leatherstocking Gas Company performs work in your yard, driveway or road surface during late fall or early winter it may not be possible to complete final surface restoration over the disturbed area. This can occur due to the fact that the ground may be very wet or frozen at the time of construction making restoration not possible. Please rest assured that if this occurs Leatherstocking will return the following spring, once weather allows to complete restoration. The spring restoration however may not occur until late May or early June. A good rule of thumb to go by for restoration is that most flower and vegetable gardens in our area are generally not planted until on or about Memorial Day to avoid frost damage. We therefore may not be able to restore until that time due to the same weather conditions.

Please note that if you are having a new natural gas service installed (first time gas service) to your home that the final restoration is to be completed by the homeowner. Leatherstocking Gas Company will bring the disturbed area close to final grade but it is the homeowner's responsibility to supply and install the top soil, seed, mulch and water as needed.