Leatherstocking Gas Company

Leatherstocking Gas Company Formed

Who is Leatherstocking Gas Company LLC?

• LGC is 50/50 Joint Venture formed in 2010 between  Corning Natural Gas Corporation and Mirabito Holdings Inc.

• Combined these companies have proudly served the energy  needs of this region for over 190 years!

• LGC believes it can provide low cost, clean burning, locally produced natural gas to industry and residents of the region.

What is our vision?

Development of a natural gas local distribution systems within Broome, Chenango, Delaware, and Madison Counties in New York State and Susquehanna County in Pennsylvania in locations currently without natural gas service. Leatherstocking ‘s plan is to provide lower cost, clean burning, abundant, locally produced natural gas to rural communities.

Our motto is “Local Gas for Local People”.

Why Leatherstocking?

Both of Leatherstocking’s parents have extensive experience providing both highly regulated utility service and a market base energy product and services.  Corning Natural Gas Corporation has successfully connected directly to the Marcellus Shale production in Tioga County Pennsylvania. So far in 2011 of 50% of the company’s throughput has been from locally produced gas in PA allowing the company and its customers to circumvent interstate pipeline charges and provide some of the lowest cost gas  in New York State. This is one of the factors that  helps  keep industry thriving in our part of the southern tier of New York. Mirabito Holdings Inc. has over 675 employees. The company sells and brokers propane, fuel oil, natural gas, bio-diesel, gasoline, and electricity throughout New York state. Utilizing Leatherstocking as the mechanism we believe we can provide superior lower cost natural  service to the region that produces it.

Why Corning Natural Gas?

Corning is a small local distribution company that provides superior customer service, safety, reliability and economical natural gas to its 15,000 customers. Because of its size and location it is accessible to all its customers. We understand the responsibility we have to our customers and the community at large and we understand the needs and special operating environment of rural communities. We believe we can successfully utilize our knowledge to benefit the communities we desire to operate in.

What is our Plan?

To connect the customers and their businesses to local production  in the region via a fully functional  state regulated  local distribution network. Initially Leatherstocking will connect to existing production and gathering system s to serve the areas identified. Additionally As other gathering projects develop the Company would connect to those facilities to bolster existing supplies and expand into other non-franchised communities in the region.

About Leatherstocking:
Leatherstocking Gas Company is a 50/50 partnership between Corning Natural Gas Corporation and Mirabito Holdings, Inc. Together we have over 190 years in serving the region with natural gas and other energy products. Contact us:
(877) 451-9276 “WARM”